Full Quran Reading

Full Quran Reading

This course is designed for students who can read Quran but are not fluent in reading Quran and want to
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This course is designed for students who can read Quran but are not fluent in reading Quran and want to improve their reading skills. “Full Quran Reading” course will provide lot of “Qiraat” practice in order to enhance student’s confidence while applying methods which was taught in level 1 course. One of our native arab teacher will ensure that student finishes the “full Quran reading” course on time, simultaneously correcting regular mistakes of student and learning few very basic rules of tajweed.

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“Full Quran Reading” is the most suitable course for children to continue after “Basic Quran Reading Level 1”.  To keep the interest level of student high, lessons will be mixed with several other activities e.g. Learning basic Arabic/tajweed and fundamentals of Islam (Five pillars, duas, short surah memorization etc). Stories of the prophets will covered along with interactive and fun games. However, the overall focus of this course will be to complete the Full Quran reading on time insha-Allah.  After finishing this course, student will be able to read Quran fluently with correct pronunciation (like a native arab) along with knowledge of the fundamentals of Islam. The aim of this course is to enhance reading skills and to provide the foundation of the deen. This is a follow-up course of “Basic Quran Reading Level 1”.


Student is required to know how to read Arabic words and must have knowledge of vowels, sukoon, madd, tanween and shaddah. Any student who has completed “Qaida” or “Noor-Al-Bayan” can join this course as well.Student is required to attend lessons on time and cooperate with the teacher.  In case of children, parents are required to motivate and monitor the attitude, alertness and the behavior of student during lesson. Student is required to submit regular feedback to the academy about the course as well as teacher.


Estimated commitment of study : 2-3 Hours per week

Comprehensive Course Material Included


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